Flos Gaku by Nendo

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A frame (this is the meaning of ‘gaku’ in Japanese) hosting and interacting with lamps and a variety of matching objects, which is conceived as something in between accessories and furniture .

Gaku by Nendo is an adjustable height suspension lamp hung inside a frame. The wireless version features an induction charging plate that powers a luminescence lamp. Normally resting on the charging surface, the lamp can be used as a portable lamp.

The particularity of this table lamp is the induction charging system. The body / structure is in solid natural or black stained solid ash wood, while the illuminating body and diffuser is in injection-molded opal polycarbonate. The push-button switch with dimmer is positioned on the lighting body and manages 4 brightness steps. The maximum brightness range is 6 hours. Other features are the battery status indicator by means of an indicator light integrated with the dimmer button. The induction charger is integrated with the support surface of the wooden lamp body / structure, and it is equipped with a power supply on plug (with USB plug and interchangeable plugs) with a power cord with a useful length of 140cm. 

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