Flos Compass box

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Flos Architectural, always active in lighting technology, proposes a family of luminaires for general indoor lighting, the Flos Compass box series includes adjustable systems that can be installed in recessed or surface (wall, ceiling). The Compass series is designed for the installation of halogen or LED bulbs of the latest generation, chosen by the customer. The wide variety of finishes available (opaque black, opaque white, anodized aluminum, wènge, teak) make the Compass Box also stand out as a useful furnishing accessory. Compass box is available with 1, 2 and 4 ar111 light sources which can be combined with dimmable power supplies to create an environment according to your needs. The choice of the light bulb is at the discretion of the customer, different optics, color temperatures and powers are available to meet any design requirement. Flos compass box can be used both in residential spaces and in commercial spaces, its contemporary and modern design make it suitable for any architectural environment.

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