Flexia, Artemide

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"Flexia is a play of perceptions between the visible, material and colored, and the invisible that becomes light".

It is an extravagant and unusual lamp, which is inspired by the Japanese art of origami thanks to its folds and shapes, available in the wall or suspension version.

Flexia specifics

Flexia in fact was born from the meeting of Artemide's lighting skills and Mario Cucinella's experience in sustainable design. The attention to the environment plays a key role in the creation of this lamp, because the project pays increasing attention to the themes of recycling and reuse.

As for the materials, recycled fibers were preferred, the outer fabric comes 100% from PET bottles while the inner panel derives from waste materials.

In terms of lighting, on the other hand, this lamp has a diffused, uniform and comfortable emission that also complies with UGR standards to be applied in work spaces.

It is in fact an extremely versatile lamp, which adapts to any setting because it is designed to improve the quality of the spaces, generating an efficient combination for every lighting need. It is then available in orange, blue and green colors.

Speaking instead of aesthetics, Flexia presents a truly unusual structure, due to its angular and linear shapes. It is equipped with flexible wings which, through a mechanism, allow it to rotate from 0 ° to 30 °. Consequently, this lamp can take on really different inclinations and positions.

Another advantage of this shape is that it also makes it sound-absorbing, in fact Flexia has the ability to absorb sounds or noises.

In the end this lamp is a tribute to geometry, rigor and formal perfection. The light gives the final touch to this lamp, distinguishing itself from all other Artemide models.

Come and discover Flexia in its colors, you will find everything on our Diffusione Luce website!

Written by Alice Pruccoli

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