Electric stoves: how to save on average gas consumption

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Is it possible to save on average gas consumption with the use of electric stoves?

Let's find out better together, but first let's start by explaining what an electric stove is.

The electric stove is an additional support to the main heating system, which is powered by this fuel and hardly completely replaces the primary heating system. This is because the stove is suitable for heating and providing heat when a setting is not too large, such as a bathroom.

Is the electric stove convenient?

Therefore, to evaluate the convenience of using an electric heater, you need to think about quantifying the electricity used in relation to personal needs. Only in this way will it be possible to effectively understand whether the reduction in average gas consumption will result in an increase in the electricity bill.

For a quick calculation, just take three parameters into account: the cost of electricity shown on the stipulated supply contract, ignition times and the power of the device.

Reduce the average gas consumption with the latest generation electric stoves

Currently on the market there are different types of electric stoves, so-called low consumption, which guarantee more efficient energy performance than the old convection appliances. Among the main technologies we point out the models: oil, similar to a radiator, are the least rapid in the start-up phase but those with the most lasting performance infrared, equipped with radiant panels, diffuse the heat by radiation quartz, with direct radiation, guarantee immediate heating, but not indicated in the long term.  Then we have the halogens, they spread a fast and diffused heat mostly by radiation ceramic and the fan heaters that are extremely practical as they are portable.

Each type of stove has different characteristics that will be evaluated according to specific needs, such as: the power, the dimensions, the weight, the room thermostat, the temperature regulation levels, the noise the design, the price, the sizes.

The advantages and disadvantages of electric stoves

In conclusion, electric stoves do not replace the domestic heating system, but allow you to act on a confined space, limiting its overuse. Therefore they could help to contain expenses related to the use of gas.

In addition, the advantages of using them include: the absence of emissions of fumes and harmful substances, masonry works or major maintenance interventions a rapid and uniform thermal comfort the ability to easily move devices from room to room, as many models are lightweight and portable and the easy wall installation if you opt for this variant.

Instead, among the contraindications it is worth remembering that these devices are not the most convenient solutions for prolonged use over time.

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Written by Alice Pruccoli

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