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Eclettis is a pioneering product brand that has captured the market with its unique combination of innovation and versatility. In fact, this company has been able to imagine a scenario in which the relationships between man, machine and the environment are renewed, where technology is a tool for better living everyday life and giving answers to unexpressed desires.

Eclettis is also the only brand that can boast an exclusive international patent for flush-to-the-wall installation of domestic electrical series and among its flagship products, Smoothline stands out.

It is a revolutionary solution that offers superior quality and an unprecedented experience, because it is an elegant series made up of steel plates in the stainless steel, white, gold or Swarovski version and can also be customized on request, characterized by the absence of of fixing.

So read on to learn about the Eclettis brand and the distinctive characteristics of Smoothline.


Eclettis stands out for its constant search for innovative and high quality solutions. Founded on a passion for excellence and customer satisfaction, the company is committed to offering unique products that exceed user expectations. With a focus on combining cutting edge technology, sophisticated design and premium quality materials, Eclettis has quickly established itself as a benchmark in the industry.

Smoothline functions and features

Among the many Eclettis creations, Smoothline stands out as a flagship product that has conquered lovers of practicality and elegance. Thanks to this series composed of steel plates characterized by the absence of fasteners, Smoothline simplifies daily life and offers a comfortable and efficient experience.

Smoothline is an intelligent system that combines different functions in a single device. Thanks to its intuitive interface and the use of cutting-edge technologies, Smoothline adapts to everyone's needs and offers excellent performance.
Data or signal transmission sockets and power sockets can be installed in the same box by using an internal separator, thus offering greater practicality of use without compromising safety standards.

Smoothline then adapts to a wide range of situations. It is especially useful in setting where efficiency and flexibility are key. For example, Smoothline can be a great choice for modern homes where smart technology plays a significant role in managing day-to-day activities. Also, using Smoothline in offices can improve work efficiency and productivity.

The innovative installation technique guarantees excellent application flexibility even on any type of surface. The lines are completely customisable, you can choose all the desired commands divided and organized according to your needs to create the perfect atmosphere in every room. The range includes sockets, switches and a vast selection of accessories that can all be plugged into the control panel.

All Smoothline components were then designed and built in compliance with European regulations and CE marked. This marking indicates that the product complies and satisfies all the community directives that are applicable to it, guaranteeing the right of this product to be freely marketed in all member states of the European Union.

Speaking of versatility however, the product allows you to choose between electrical switches and controls for home automation management. Both solutions are available in single or double versions, with or without LED. Controls with backlit icons complete the range and each can be customized by laser engraving.

This device is therefore ideal for those looking for practical, efficient and aesthetically pleasing solutions. Whether used in the home, office or public spaces, Smoothline proves to be a reliable and innovative companion.

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Written by Alice Pruccoli

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