Christmas lights

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December, here comes the night and the lights are on to illuminate the Christmas tree in the living room, the lights on the balconies like a lot of awaken fireflies, and also the lights there at the corner of the square and along the streets, to highlight the steps of people walking through them and daydreaming under the magic of this incoming Christmas.

To make you dream too, we have exclusively selected a vast assortment of Christmas decorative lights, ideal for decorating both interior spaces and outdoor spaces, thanks to the high quality that guarantees beautiful, high-performance and long lasting products, in compliance with national and international regulations.

Among the numerous proposals you can find sparkling trees, big shining stars to land on the walls of your home, bright sparkling chains perfect also for outdoor events, installations, restaurants, bars and commercial activities, and moreover you can find marvelous LED curtains, available in two variants (warm or cold light) suitable for outdoor or indoor use and able to cover long distances: they are in fact extended at will by assembling two or more curtain modules of the lenght of 5 meters each.

Then let's astonish your guests with the Christmas-themed LED projector, with a range of up to 20 meters and ideal for outdoor use, very easy to assemble thanks to the bracket for wall installation and ground rod included in the package.

And for the joy of children (but even of adults) we offer bright LED reindeer that thanks to a small integrated electric motor come alive by moving the head, decorating in an "unusual" and fun way your indoor and outdoor spaces.

 And if you don't have space to place the nativity scene, don't give up! Choose one of our nativity-themed decorative lights, and then a luminous nativity scene will come to life on the house wall surrounded by shining stars. All the lights are made by the latest generation of LEDs.

All you have to do is to free the imagination!

You can find all our Christmas products on Diffusione Luce e-shop, you will be spoiled for choice.

Stock up the lights for next Christmas:

And if you want to personalize your Christmas even more, don't hesitate to contact us! We will try to light up all your dreams, thinking of the best solution tailored to your needs, both for home decoration and public lighting, offering different solutions of lights and Christmas-themed decorations that will enlight the streets and squares of villages and towns, or simply the welcoming spaces of your home ... and it'll be Christmas right away. A unique emotion, which is renewed every year.

With this occasion, we would like to spend a few more lines to thank all of you, the attached customers, who already know us and always come back, and the new ones, which we hope to pamper you with so many new features; to those who passed by our site to look around through the lights; to those who have stay just to take a look, and to those who have not yet chosen what they want; to those who thought they did not need anything and then could not resist to that new table lamp or those Christmas lights; to those who bought the lamps to furnish their new home, sharing their plans for the beginning of a new life together with us. Thanks to all of you, who are an incentive for us to always improve ourselves, to always look for new lighting design proposals, keeping up to date with the latest news on the market, to continue to feed and satisfy your most luminous desires. We like to think that with our work we are able to make a little of your dreams come true, and to make the spaces and moments of your life a little more special.

Best wishes to all of you for a very bright Christmas,

by the Staff of Diffusione Luce

Written by Sara Sabia

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