Bulbo57 by A. and P.G. Castiglioni

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The lightness of a bubble, the transparency that reveals a luminous soul. It's Bulbo57, it's FLOS.

From the meeting between the mastery of yesteryear of the italian designers Achille and Piergiacomo Castiglioni and the innovation brought by FLOS, Bulbo57 suspension lamp was born, or rather re-born, designed in 1957 by the Castiglioni brothers and re-edited in 2019 by the leading italian company based in Merano.

Originally conceived not for the mass production but for an installation at the XI Triennale in Milan (1957), Bulbo's design was born from the deconstruction and simplification, without trivializing it, of a large industrial bulb  without its screw cap and with a shortened neck to take the shape of a bubble, almost spherical, light, transparent, inside which the classic filament remains visible and enhanced, becoming both the source of light and a distinctive and decorative element. The internal light source highlights the pure shape and the technical design of this lamp, enhancing at the same time its function.



In the renewed version of 2019 Flos reproposes the original internal filament but in the LED version, characterized by a warm and comfortable light temperature, 

preserving the same color and intensity of the light as in the original installation presented at the XI Triennale in Milan in 1957, where Bulbo had been connected in series to another one, obtaining the consequent reduction of its potential, so that the internal tungsten filament had taken on a reddish, non-dazzling color, emitting a warm and ambient light. It's precisely this effect of light, which gently illuminates and characterised the interior spaces, which Flos wanted to reproduce in its renewed Bulbo57, combining the most modern lighting design technologies such as the latest generation high energy efficiency LEDs: for the internal filament, in fact, tungsten has been replaced with a flexible micro-LED filament of 6W, 225 mm long, characterized by a color temperature of 2200 ° K, chosen with the explicit intention of replicating the effect of traditional incandescent bulbs, and a luminous flux of 210-450 lumens, dimmable thanks to the highly customized electronics. In addition, the high color rendering index CRI 95 guarantees a high standard of color rendering quality.



The lamp in the 2019 version consists of two fixtures installed on the ceiling thanks to a polycarbonate support from which the cables depart, with the possibility of creating customized installations thanks to the two nylon wires that support the fixtures and connect them to the ceiling support. The two spherical bodies of the lamp are in blown borosilicate, that gives a considerable impact resistance and excellent transparency thanks to its low thickness.

Bulbo lamp came to life "when designing means breaking down or deconstructing, and shapes are forged through observation of what already exists".

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Written by Sara Sabia

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