BEGA Plug & Play system

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If you are looking for a system that allows you to manage the lighting of your outdoor spaces, BEGA Plug & Play is what you need.

It is an intelligent LED lighting system, which is part of BEGA Smart. Choosing BEGA is also advantageous for its installation, since it is easy and immediate. In fact, you just need to place the movable appliances in the garden and configure the system with the BEGA Smart application.

The goal is to simplify one's daily life, making certain mechanisms faster and easier to manage. To do this, BEGA uses the latest technologies, continuously studying and testing new protocols to improve and speed up the user experience.

BEGA Plug & Play specifics

Speaking of the latest technologies, you can manage the Plug & Play system comfortably from the app, you just need to install it on your smartphone then create groups of luminaires and lighting scenarios in an intuitive and easy way.

To administrate the system, you need to connect to bluetooth with an action range of about 15 m outdoors to the nearest control unit (Smart Tower or Smart Extender). Among other things, it is also possible to configure automated and timed switching of the plant.

For control over long distances, we recommend the PRO or ONE remote controls because these use a Zigbee wireless network with an action range of over 30 m outdoors to the nearest control unit (Smart Tower or Smart Extender). These remote controls then have ten freely programmable keys, to which you can assign a single luminaire, group of luminaires, scenery or light color.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us, BEGA Plug & Play is waiting for you to make your life easier!

Written by Alice Pruccoli

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