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The warmth of a home, the cold air outside the window, the embrace of the family, a warm blanket, the laughter of friends, a cup of hot coffee. Let's mix everything gently, and you'll get the perfect Christmas. But to have the best atmosphere, we also need the perfect light: it's the light of Artemide, master of lights and magic that for this Christmas has designed for us a special collection, XMAS GOES POP 2019, full of color, elegance and charm, made up of iconic lamps of the history of the leading Italian company in lighting design, which dress up for the special occasion.

Here he comes TOLOMEO Micro, the mini version of the famous Tolomeo table lamp, a great success by Artemide of 1987 and winner of the Compasso d'oro in '89, which still illuminates and decorates tables and desks all over the world. Signed by the designers Michele De Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina, this table / desk lamp brings together the handiness and the elegance of its formal composition in a simple and linear design, given by the articulated arm and the diffuser, that is adjustable in all directions.

On the occasion of the release of the XMAS GOES POP collection, Tolomeo is presented in the special Bi-Color variant, with the movable arm in black aluminum matched to the diffuser in new and very modern colors: coralyellowblue and white, in addition to the classic and timeless single color versions.

Even FATO, table lamp designed by Gio Ponti for Artemide in 1969, is renewed and wears new super pop colors, wonderfully bringing its 50 years of age. A luminous sculpture that with its geometric metal screens, its shapes of light and shadow, of empty and full, enclosed in a square frame, looks like a luminous object with a double value: lamp and showcase. And the chromatic choice of the new look that he wears for the special edition XMAS 2019 is also double: Fato becomes BICOLOR, in two flaming variants in which the white of the outer frame is combined with a color that lights up the internal panels: White / yellow and white / coral, which was also chosen as the color of the year by Pantone, another sign that Fato keeps up with the times revealing itself as an extremely contemporary lamp.

Another small Artemide masterpiece returns dressed for the Christmas party: we are talking about Come Together, a portable lamp designed to offer the best optical and ergonomic performance. 

The transparent body distributes the light in the space and its sinuous profiles allow it to 

be easily moved wherever it's desired, accompanying men into their spaces. A "light pipe” with an incredible performance and a maximized duration, up to 8 hours of use at maximum power.

Visionary and fascinating, for the special collection XMAS 2019 this lamp is presented by Artemide in two splendid new versions, in red and black, in which the transparencies of Come Together are enhanced by these two new contrasting colors, and illuminate our homes with an incredible charm, even at Christmas.

Alongside these iconic myths from the history of Artemide, keep going with the trend of "portable innovation" the Italian company presents for 2019 a completely new portable table lamp: it's CURIOSITY 36, the new portable lamp designed by Davide Oppizzi, which through its shape reveals its expository vocation, enhancing the spaces it frames, like a frame with a painting, and highlighting the objects it can hold inside through the accent light point placed in the upper part, as spotlights on the stage.

Linear and essential with its soft aluminum structure, it's available in two sizes to accommodate objects of different sizes, to better express its expository and decorative function. Its light is an accent light emanating from the top downwards, from the small removable diffuser. Easy to move, thanks to the extremely long battery life, rechargeable in just 3 hours via USB plug, it can be moved anywhere characterizing any type of interior space, from domestic environments to exhibition spaces, retails and restaurants. A curious and nomad lamp, able to create new scenarios with maximum freedom.

What are you waiting for? Discover the wonders that Artemide has in store for you this Christmas, you can find them all on our website

Artemide, an enchanting way of making light

Written by Sara Sabia

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