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To best appreciate a work of art, it’s undeniable that it’s essential to display it under the best lighting conditions, in a space that enhances its aesthetic and formal value, recreating the optimal habitat and the perfect atmosphere.

But to get the best atmosphere, you also need the perfect light: it’s the one that Artemide can give us by presentig in 2019 a completely new portable table lamp, continuing the highly successful trend of "portable innovation": it’s CURIOSITY, the new portable lamp designed by Davide Oppizzi, which through its shape reveals its expository vocation, enhancing the spaces it frames, like a frame with a painting, and highlighting the objects it can hold inside through the accent light point placed in the upper part, as spotlights on the stage.

Its light is an accent light, emanating from the top downwards by the small removable diffuser. Easy to transport and carry wherever you want, thanks to the extremely long battery life, rechargeable in just 3 hours via USB plug, it can be moved anywhere characterizing any type of internal space, from domestic environments to exhibition, retail and catering spaces. A nomad lamp, free and curious as its name suggests, Curiosity is capable of always creating new scenarios enhancing the aesthetic value of each object and space it frames, showing it and puts it at the center of the scene under its light. 

“We all have that one object that tells the story of a lifetime, of a journey, or a collection of objects that we would like to underline with light. Curiosity - inspired by the universe of the "cabinet of curiosity" - was bornfrom the desire to offer a small exhibition to all those who wish to showcase an object under its light. By nature, it is intended for any sector, both private and professional: museums, display of private collections or of objects on a restaurant table. Everyone is free to imagine its own presentation on the lamp stage. But there is more to this: Curiosity is decorative and versatile. With its small removable diffuser, it can become an EXPO or a DECO lamp. Thanks to its battery, it is also nomadic and easy to move: it willfind its place in all the interior design scenarios. Who said that curiosity was a bad defect?" Davide Oppizzi


Linear and essential in its light aluminum structure, made of black-brown aluminum, it’s available in three new variants and two different sizes to accommodate objects of different sizes: there’s Curiosity 36 version, which expresses in its 35.5 cm of height its expository and decorative function, as well as the lighting function. With its LED of 3.6W of power, which gives up to 430 lumens in warm light (color temperature 3000K), Curiosity 36 gives you the opportunity to adjust the light intensity in three steps: 1.7W (8 hours of use) - 1.2W (11 hours of use) - 0.5W (26 hours of use). In this way you can choose how much, and for how long, to use its light, but without having to worry about running out of light. In fact, its fast-charging battery only takes 3 hours to return to the full functionality.

In the Curiosity 36 variant with Sphere, the addition of a white glass sphere with amber light allows the lamp to create a warmer and more collected atmosphere, around which to gather and have a really pleasant experience.

On the other hand, With Curiosity 45 variant the expository function expands, reaching 45 cm in height, combining the same high luminous performance and portability of the smaller version.

In this way the portable lamp designed by Artemide brings its own bright space everywhere, continuously reinventing the contexts of daily light, designing a freedom dedicated to the individual, adapting to the domestic space, but also opening up new scenarios for public retail spaces, for restaurants and exhibition spaces, capable of constructing unusual, intimate, flexible and movable framing.

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Artemide Curiosity, an enchanting way of making light

Written by Sara Sabia

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