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Arrangements are extravagant and unusual modular chandeliers, made by Michael Anastassiades for Flos.

Flos is in fact an Italian design lighting company, which immediately became an icon and a point of reference in the world of furniture. One of the most important collaborations, the one with Michael Anastassiades, allowed the birth of Arrangements.

How Arrangements is composed

Creativity and inspiration are essential elements and the artist himself, in the creation of these real works of art, expressed he was inspired by the parallelism that exists between objects of light and jewels.

In fact, jewels are created to be worn, while lights are designed to decorate living spaces. From these two distinct elements, the desire to donate and transfer the beauty of a jewel to a physical space was born.

Arrangements is therefore a lighting system made up of geometric elements of light, which can be combined in different ways, to create multiple compositions of single chandeliers. To ensure that each element of this suspension and diffused light chandelier lights up, a power supply system has been studied to electrically and mechanically connect each component.

All of this allows a total customization of the product, thus giving the possibility to create the combinations of elements by yourself, choosing between round, square, triangular, drop or linear shapes.

In fact, the possibilities offered by the Arrangements system are many: from the suspension of a few elements to the creation of large sculptural installations. You can therefore choose between different styles of chandeliers, consisting of one or more connected modules, until the maximum power allowed by your rose window is reached (70W or 190W). In this way, a real and a priori game between light and space will be created, giving life to unique and inimitable chandeliers, which will be able to fully enhance and embellish the setting.

Specific of Arrangements

Speaking more specifically of the rosettes, these are available in two powers: less than 70W, or less than 190W. Optionally, class III ceiling roses are also available for installations with remote power supply: in the “surface” version, in the case of installation on concrete, or “recessed” for plasterboard ceilings.

As if that were not enough, the electronics integrated in the rose window allows the use of different dimerization systems: push, 1-10, potentiometer, DALI.

In the absence of these systems, the luminous flux can be adjusted with the push system included in the canopy. While as regards the specifications of the body, this is in extruded aluminum, curved and painted black, while the diffuser is in platinum optical silicone.

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Written by Alice Pruccoli

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