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A smart and connected home, to make everyday routines easier: thanks to home automation and many smart devices on the market, it’s a desire that we can all fulfill.

Particularly in lighting design, the role of home automation makes possible to manage the light inside our houses in a completely customizable and intelligent way, paying attention to consumption and energy saving.

We are not just talking about light bulbs, but also about plugs, switches and other electronic devices that communicate and integrate in a smart and connected system, which allows you to remotely manage the specific environmental and lighting conditions of each room, independently or manually. To do this, you just need a smartphone! The system can in fact be managed and programmed also by mobile app in an easy and intuitive way. Tailored to your needs.


The Italian company Daylight Italia offers a series of light sources and compatible devices that effectively communicate with each other through the most famous smart home systems currently on the market: Amazon Alexa and Google Home, the Smart Home HUBs that allow you to program home lighting, as well as many other features, with a simple voice command.

Among Daylight's smart products we can find numerous bulbs that combine all the well-known advantages of LED sources with the possibility of being controlled and regulated by connecting via Wi-Fi to the Smart Home system oh your house (Google Home or Amazon Echo). The result is a smart light, in every sense.

An example? The Edison smart LED bulb characterized by the classic "drop" shape, made in transparent glass, powerful and efficient, compatible with any standard E27 lamp holder. Its warm-toned LED light is dimmable and controllable thanks to WiFi, via app or by getting help from Google Home and Amazon Echo voice assistants. And you can illuminate using just the sound of your voice, wherever you are in the house.

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Or, if you prefer an "over size" bulb, Daylight Italia offers the smart GLOBO Led Edison bulb: an intelligent and luminous globe characterized by a diameter of 125 mm, warm LED light diffused through the transparent glass, a dimmable and adjustable light intensity, you need just a simple voice command and the voice assistant Google or Alexa will do the rest. The Daylight Globo Smart can be purchased on Diffusione Luce e-shop:  


But smartness does not end here. What would you say if even plugs and switches were Smart, controlled by app or through voice commands? Every wish is an order, and Google Home and Amazon Echo are there to run it for you.

This is why Daylight Italia has designed a smart Wi-Fi switch that provides intelligent home control, allowing the inhabitants of the house to remotely control all the connected devices via the mobile App: lamps, fans, outdoor lights, and much more. As long as your smartphone is connected to your home WiFi network, you can turn it on and off as you wish, at any time, or by programming when the devices will turn on or off automatically. It also communicates with Google Home and Amazon Echo voice assistants. In short, with the Smart Wifi Switch everything will be according to your desires.

Make your life easier, order smart devices on the Diffusion Light shop, for a smart home, which will be tailored on you.

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Written by Sara Sabia

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