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High quality of materials, maximum of performance, guaranteed efficiency. These are the qualities on which LAMPO Lighting focuses, as one of the leading companies in LED lighting sector, aiming at the continuous development of the meeting between the Made in Italy design and the technological progress.

The same qualities it researches in the making of its aluminum profiles for led strips, a collection of innovative products for an elegant, minimal, efficient, original and multiple uses lighting for houses.

LED strip technology allows us to create extremely versatile lighting systems, suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces. The use of aluminum profiles, inside which the LED strips are placed, facilitates their installation allowing to obtain a clean result of the highest quality and with a guaranteed duration over time: hanks to the very high thermal conductivity of aluminum, these profiles favor heat dissipation, helping to extend the life of the LEDs and improving their efficiency.

The keywords are: Aesthetics and Functionality. With the profiles for led strips it’s possible to bring the light anywhere in the house and to enhance its most suggestive spaces. They outline the spaces, bring light into the corridors, create special atmospheres with the soft light coming from the ceilings or from the handrails of the stairs, or even they delineate the edges of stairs, steps, mezzanines thanks to the innovative walkable profiles.

Where can we use aluminum profiles? The LED strips can be mounted on flat profiles and installed where direct light is needed, for example on ceilings, under wall units or on flat surfaces, while in the case of an angle mounting you can opt for corner profiles, such as in correspondence with the plasterboard veils. Or, furthermore, the built-in profiles are ideal for obtaining an almost concealed solution, aesthetically clean, with a small footprint.

Thanks to the aluminum profiles by LAMPO especially designed for linear LED lights, any kind of lighting with this type of technology becomes easy, safe and super versatile ... all that we need now is to give free space to creativity , and choose the profile that best meets our specific needs.

Let's discover which are the most common types of profiles and their use:

  • Angular profile: this profile directs the light at 45 degrees, and therefore particularly suitable for example for plasterboard veils, where it’s necessary to direct the light towards the ceiling, increasing the reflection surface; they are also suitable for underlining angles between the wall and ceiling with a direct light, or for more homogeneous under-cabinet lighting on the entire surface.
  • Flat surface and recessed profiles: for ceiling-to-ground installations, obtaining more direct or grazing lighting along the surface, for example to create an accent light on walls with particular finishes, or even for installation under the cabinet or under the shelves, in a central position, as an alternative to the corner profiles
  • Walk-on recessed profiles: so as to be inserted into the floor capable of bearing human weight, so as to be walked on by one or more people, to create imaginative lines of light or paths illuminated directly from the bottom of your floor
  • Wall profiles: able to replace plasterboard with a simple colored aluminum profile, to form a pleasant atmosphere with indirect light, upwards inside your home, without the need to create a plaster structure
  • Flexible profiles: for installation where a folding element is needed, to follow the rounded surface of a plasterboard or masonry in order to create lighting effects everywhere

So it becomes easy and fun to solve all those small lighting problems that can be encountered when we live in our domestic spaces. A few examples? Just think of kitchen, the place where we carry out the most practical activities, where the need is to adequately and punctually illuminate the worktops: here the led strips become the simplest and most practical way to guarantee the correct light, for example mounted under the wall units through an angular profile or a flat surface profile, for a vivid light, which allows you to see and work without tiring your eyes. In the same way it’s also possible to illuminate other home furnishings, such as the interior of the wardrobes, shelves and wall units, or even the shelves of the bookcase or of a showcase of the living room, for an authentic "wow" effect!

 Another widespread use is that of recessed profiles, proposed by LAMPO also in Mini version, ideal for plasterboard installations, which allow to drown the led lights in the walls or false ceilings made of plasterboard, obtaining complete masking of the profile structure, so that the attention is entirely focused on lights.

Even aluminum profiles for outdoor use are still very widespread, thanks to the characteristic of being impermeable to water and humidity are able to withstand potential damage caused by bad weather, water or direct solar radiation, or even the walkable profiles, which allow the installation of led lights on the floor, on the perimeter of a wall or even outside, to create original and showy lighting.

For the most creative uses, LAMPO also proposes the surface folding profile, which also adapts to curved surfaces allowing to satisfy any need, even the most "extreme".

The new profiles proposed by LAMPO are in aluminum, with opal polycarbonate diffusers and a length of 2 meters, and all dissipate the heat generated by the LED strips placed inside, thus offering a guarantee of quality, efficiency and aesthetic result.

Have you choose the one that fits your needs? You can find them on the Diffusione Luce e-shop, in the ALUMINUM PROFILES categories, along with many other proposals:

Written by Sara Sabia

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