AI LATI Sister Light

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High-tech sister of the iconic Poldina by Ai Lati Zafferano, Sister Light table lamp, made of anodized hot forged aluminum and polycarbonate diffuser, has a plus (and not only one): more colors, more functions, more power.

Portable and rechargeable, it combines maximum performance with extraordinary flexibility of use: ideal for indoor spaces, but also perfect for outdoor use thanks to the high IP65 rating protection, it has an incredible battery lifetime even up to 58 hours when adjusted to the low power setting (6%)

Its ultra-modern LED light source is dimmable provided by an integrated 4-step dimmer, and with the touch of a finger you can choose the lighting you want, not only by adjusting the light intensity but even by choosing the light warmth, a dynamic white with a color temperature which varies from 2700 to 4000 ° kelvin, and an incredible color rendering thanks to CRI index > 90.

But Sister Light never ceases to amaze, integrating specific functions that innovate the use of light in restaurants. This small masterpiece of lighting design by Federico De Majo, can be equipped with an alternative blue light for calling table service in a simple and easy way, both for customers and dining room staff. Furthermore the top part of this table lamp is secured by a magnetic system on its stem, allowing the alternative use of the top part as a lamp for emergencies. Sister Light is ready to respond to every need!

And then it's so beautiful in its 5 color finishes, from elegant anodized aluminum, gold and copper, to ultra modern blue and green. Small, hi-tech, super chic!

What more could you want? You can buy it in all the color finishes available on Diffusione Luce e-shop, including its USB-C charging cable:

Low battery? Scroll down the options drop-down menu and complete the purchase by choosing the practical charger with double USB port, to connect Sister Light to power outlets of your house, to have the charge always at hand.

Written by Sara Sabia

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