ACB Illuminated Mirrors

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Round, oval or square, backlit, with perimeter light or front LED strips. We are talking about the extraordinary collection of mirrors with integrated lighting, all by ACB Iluminacion SL, the Spanish company of lighting design always creating new lighting solutions with a high aesthetic profile and customized products to meet the most varied needs and trends of the lighting design market.

You can choose the ACB mirror that best suits you, which can respond to all possible needs without sacrificing design. A design made up of incredibly elegant aesthetic lines and latest generation customizable LED lights.

There will be spoiled for choice, not only between different shapes and sizes, but even different powers and colors of light (warm, neutral or cold), characterised by a diffused or direct emission, all rigorously with a high color rendering index (CRI> 90).

And how to forget the integration of small technological "pills" you can find in some models, such as the On / Off Touch System to turn on the mirror with a single touch, or an innovative multifunction screen equipped with a digital clock, temperature measurement, bluetooth and anti-fog kit, as in the ACB Cairo model, or the integration of a make-up mirror with independent switch, as in the ACB Olter model.

And for those who want to feel like a movie star, the Hollywood model is the perfect choice, equipped with a double row of round LEDs along the edges like a cinema film and available in two sizes...suitable for small or big dreamers.

A perfect combination of art and lighting technology, of functionality and design, combined with the simplicity of the pure and elegant lines that characterize the mirrors of ACB collection: ideal for decorating your entrance or corridor, on the bedroom dresser, on the sideboard in the living room or in the bathroom, to give that extra accent of light that makes every space more beautiful and bright, in which to start the day under a new light .... seeing ourselves even more beautiful!

All models are highly customizable, so everyone could easily find the mirror of his desires.

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Written da Sara Sabia

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