A moon in the living room

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It was the 1969, the first step on the Moon. "That's one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind", in this way the American astronaut Neil Armstrong described his first, incredible, lunarwalk .

It's the 2015, another first step on the Moon. 46 years after the first moon landing, the Italiancompany FLOS literally makes the moon enter to illuminate our homes: "Superloon" rises, the iconic lamp produced by the Merano-based leader company of lighting design and designed by Jasper Morrison, the British designer who has been collaborated with FLOS in many iconicprojects.

Superloon is an ethereal floor lamp that uses the so-called "Edge Lighting Technology", an innovative lighting technology developed by FLOS which creates an ultra-flat, 360-degree directional light source, with high-performance light characteristics and able to generate a high level of visual comfort never seen before.

It's a direct, intense, not blinding light. Superloon was born to wholly enhance this exclusivetechnology.

The lamp designed by Jasper Morrison is composed by a flat disk made of a white and translucentcomposite material, along which a ring of LEDs is placed to illuminate it, evoking the moon in a clear sky.

A white moon landed on a tripod made of three thin stems, framed by an aluminum frame and adjustable to infinite differente directions, thanks to the gyroscopic axis that supports the luminousdisk and allows it to make a rotation of 360°.

Thanks to the optical switch placed on a stem which guarantees the Warm Tone Dimming function, light intensity amd color temperature of Superloon light can be easily adjusted, from warm (2800 K) to very warm (2200 K). The result is an evocative light, towards infinite directions. An intense, ethereal, magnetic light.

Thus, the atmosphere is always going to be perfect, on every occasion.

"The moment you bring something new into a room, it has an effect on the atmosphere — that effect has to be a positive one, not just for a few weeks but over the years.” - Jasper Morrison

Darkness falls, Superloon light is on, and immediately we understand that it doesn't just look like the moon. As the effect that moon has on tides, so Superloon carries out a mysterious attraction, and everyone is inevitably attracted by it. You can't do anything but come closer, be fascinated, turn around it, admire it, look at it from the side, from behind, looking for its hidden face, "the dark side of the moon". But Superloon uses its intense charm under every angle.

Ideal for ambient lighting or for reading activities, with Superloon the beauty of reading a book in the moonlight, but with the comfort of sitting on your favorite armchair, becomes real. And there's a Superloon for every taste: this FLOS lamp is produced in 3 different finishes (in white, black or chromatic) that enhance its minimal and refined design.

Be fascinated by Superloon, choose your favorite one here: www.diffusioneshop.com/?q=Superloon

Good trip to the Moon to all dreamers!

Be fascinated by Superloonchoose your favorite one here:


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