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Summer is coming and it’s even more enjoyable to have a dinner with a special person or an aperitif outside with friends, for example sitting at an outdoor table, with a beautiful view or in the middle of the city nightlife.

The choice of the right light to illuminate summer evenings cannot be left to chance. For this occasion we propose a collection of versatile, functional, comfortable and incredibly beautiful lamps: we are talking about the rechargeable table lamps which, thanks to the fact that they are battery-operated, that makes them be easily recharged, combine the maximum versatility with space-saving. A prêt-à-porterlight, the perfect solution for every need, with simplicity and attention to detail.

Ideal as a spotlight for tables in restaurants, bars, hotels and B&Bs, or even as design furniture for homes, on a bedside table, on a table in the hall or in the garden. The rechargeable battery-powered lamps, in fact, are also designed to be used outdoor and give light to your evenings wherever you want: portable and functional, they are usually characterized by a base in which the rechargeable battery is placed with an USB plug and a LED diffusor made of lightweight materials. All these features make their use practical and simple, in addition to all the visual and functional advantages which LED technology can give, with maximized durability, for up to 9 hours of prolonged use.

Among the iconic products in the market, we find lamps that are authentic pieces of design, inspired by traditional lanterns or classic table lamps, but characterized by contemporary features and made in the varied materials and colors. You are spoilt for choice.

Let's see some examples:

 AI LATI Poldina.  Small, portable, versatile.

New entry on the market of rechargeable lamps, it’s a portable table light with aluminum body and polycarbonate diffuser, equipped with a warm-light LED source, dimmable and rechargeable via USB, with an IP54 protection rating that makes it suitable for internal or external use.

Now available in the brand new dark gray color, its design, recalling the classic table lamps, make it ideal for both commercial and domestic use.

 FLOS Bon Jour Unplugged. Iconic, lightweight, customizable.

Rechargeable table lamp designed by the international icon Philippe Starck, it’s ideal to give a classic touch to interior spaces, thanks to its timeless design.

Its LED light source uses the innovative Edge Lighting technology, giving an extremely suggestive lighting. The lampshade is interchangeable, so you can have more lamps within the same lamp.

ROTOLIANA Dina +. Colorful, versatile, innovative.

Small table lamp characterized by a diffused light, Dina + is equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery which guarantees up to 30 hours of autonomy. The USB plug allows you to charge any electronic device like smartphones or tablets, while the dimmer on the base regulates the intensity of the light. The translucent polycarbonate diffuser, available in white or transparent version, is interchangeable, while the base is in aluminum, available in many colorful finishes.

The light is warm and soft, perfect to be placed next to the bed, on the desk, in the living room.

PHILIPS Abelia. Resistant, practical, suggestive.

A lantern lamp with a retròdesign, versatile, ideal for outdoor lighting, giving a special atmosphere to any space. In white or black version, equipped with a powerful but delicate LED light, with 4-hour autonomy and rechargeable via USB.

It will be like having a candlelit dinner, wherever you want: for a soirée on the terrace or a camping in the woods.

GUZZINI Tiffany. Refined, precious, soft.

A multifaceted texture like a crystal and a warm LED light, dimmerable with the touch of a finger. These are the ingredients that make this table lamp a beautiful masterpiece. A precious piece of forniture, with an efficient technology and a refined design which personalizes every space giving a touch of softness and luminous colors.

FARO TocPlain, minimal, delicate.

Perfect for lighting gardens and terraces, with its simple but striking design, it gives light during summer evenings with its dimmable warm LED light, easy to light up thanks to the Touch System, with three different light intensities to choose.

FLOS Bellhop.Intimate, elegant, compact.

Small but with an incredibly long duration, up to 24 hours of use. "A candle of the present day" in polycarbonate that shows a cone of mood light to illuminate your most intimate moments, with maximum flexibility of use thanks to the wireless technology. In four elegant colors: white, cioko, gray, brick red.

ARTEMIDE Come Together.Transparent, visionary, made for men.

The lines of this small Artemide masterpiece are designed to offer the best optical performance and ergonomics. The transparent body distributes the light in the space and its sinuous profiles allow it to be easily moved wherever it's desired, accompanying men into their spaces. A "light pipe” with an incredible performance and a maximized duration, up to 8 hours of use at maximum power.

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Rechargeable table lamps. The light that connects people.

Written by Sara Sabia

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