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In the era of Industry 4.0, where industrial machinery and production facility, connected by web-based network, communicate with each other and interface with the outside, lighting technology is following this trend toward innovation too, and LEDs are obviously the protagonists.

Changing traditional lighting for LED technology, by choosing high-performance lighting fixtures, allows us to save energy and take advantage of new technologies to achieve work environments which can guarantee the best comfort. Let’s not forget that we usually spend most of the day in our work environment, exposed to ambient and lighting conditions that cannot be left to chance. Curating the quality of lighting by investing in new technologies means to promote the quality of work and production by supporting the growth of companies, especially in the industrial field where the need to guarantee comfort carrying out the activities has to be compatible with production needs.

Lighting design, indeed, influences three essential factors for a work environment: safety, health and productivity. For this reason, the choice of a lighting system that fulfils new sustainability criteria and reaches high levels of performance is of high importance: LEDs, especially of the latest generation, reduce energy consumption and offer an excellent color rendering, which are factors that increases safety and promotes the productivity of workers, as well as guarantees high levels of visual comfort. Therefore, LED relampingbecomes a very important action for large companies, commercial spaces and industrial buildings that need to guarantee these characteristics for their environments.

The goal is to have high quality lighting using cutting-edge technologies, even for the production sector. And this is not so obvious.

Our proposal to achieve this great goal of relamping in industry could only be "giant": Osram NJ 200 GIGANTE, an essential-designed and functional suspension luminaire that uses high-bay LEDlighting technology and is ideal for illuminating commercial and industrial spaces characterized by high ceilings and by needs of visual comfort and safety.

This lighting giant, made of aluminum and polycarbonate, is produced in two sizes (diameter of 350 mm or 450 mm), to meet every size needs.

Robust, essential, reliable, easy to handle and easy to be mounted thanks to the one-point installation system, thanks to energy-saving LED technology it combines visual benefits with durability and energy efficiency, requiring low maintenance and resulting 50% more efficient than conventional luminaires.

With a protection rating IP65, dust and water proof, suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor temperatures (from -20 ° C to + 40 ° C!), NJ 200 GIGANTE is compatible with various activities, performing in the best conditions of comfort and safety.

The high color rendering index (Ra> 80) and the color temperature of 4000 ° K (neutral white) of its light make it ideal for commercial and industrial spaces, since this type of lighting helps to increase productivity and to decrease eyestrain. Top applications areas are warehouses, traffic areas, logistic centers and secondary rooms.

The high quality alternative to conventional solutions, for any application and any mounting situation, The right choice to meet the needs of each size.

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Written by Sara Sabia

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