Flos Snoopy Orange

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Playful yet elegant, plain yet refined, timeless yet always up to date. This is a great lamp that embodies all these adjectives, combining all these qualities that seem antithetical at first, still enhancing its extraordinary nature. A lamp that makes you say "wow!". 

Snoopy was designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni for Flos Concept, conceived in 1967 as a small and fun light table object. Despite his honored career of over 50 years, Snoopy renews itself and innovates the way of making light, decorating with style and elegance, without forgetting his playful spirit.

In fact, with its shape, Snoopy recalls the famous dog of Charlie Brown from the Peanuts comics. It comes with three colored shades models: the body of the lamp is in white marble, while the diffuser is in polished metal, available in black, green or in the latest version brand new orange

Snoopy may appear unstable but it's actually perfectly balanced in all its characteristics, thanks to a clever compensation that gives full prominence to its peculiar diffuser. The base in white Carrara marble embellishes the composition and enhances the color of the diffuser, culminating in an explosion of color that catches the eye and cheers the soul.

With its light source, made of the latest generation LED with direct emission and dimmable light (see the touch dimmer integrated on the base) Snoopy lightens our houses with playfulness, irony and exclusivity ... just with a single touch! The luster and preciousness of the materials make it elegant and original, capable of transforming and enhancing any space, both domestic or otherwise.

Let's discover the incredible brand-new Snoopy Orange version and get ready to say "wow" too! You can find it, as usual, on our e-shop

Written da Sara Sabia

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