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Spotlights floor
Sale Spotlights floor

Spotlights floor

We are ready for delivery of a complete range of recessed spotlights with or without mounting formwork. Floor spotlights if subjected to passing cars or heavy vehicles must be certified as driveways as they could be damaged by overweight. The most common light source is LED because, thanks to its technology, it is possible to produce very compact products with a reduced amount of heat (less dilation less humidity infiltrations).

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Reference: 277004

Brand: Ideal-lux

Ideal Lux Taurus Adjustable Walkable LED downlight For Outdoor IP67

Ideal Lux Taurus, walkable recessed LED downlight, anti-corrosion and anti-UV. Multi-directional spot for floor, wall or false ceiling installation. Protection index IP67, impact resistance IK09 / IK10. Available in different sizes and powers. Power supply integrated in the lamp.

Price $263.15
Coming from supplier, shipping in 7-21 days

Reference: S.8814W

Brand: Simes

Simes Microzip LED Comfort Recessed Floor Lamp Outdoor Opal glass IP67

Inground LED walk over fitting. Recessing depth 120 mm. IP rating IP67. Complete with mounting formwork. CIRCUIT 1 LED 220-240Vac 105lm CRI 90 MacAdam step 3 Luminaire luminous flux: 20lm. Total absorbed power: 2.2W. Luminaire efficacy: 9lm / W. Integrated 100-240V ON/OFF electronic ballast.

Price $224.21 Regular price $249.12
Coming from supplier, shipping in 7-21 days

Reference: 3.E088.713.0

Brand: IGuzzini

iGuzzini Light Up Orbit Diffusing LED 2W Outdoor Floor Recessed Spotlight IP68 IK07

''Orbit'' recessed luminaire in stainless steel with diffusing optics, for wall, floor or garden, for the use of LEDs, for use as signaling. Top diameter 50mm. The product consists of the body, the closing glass, the frame and the outer casing (to be ordered separately). Powered in direct current at 350/500/700mA depending on the desired intensity, to be...

Price $225.16 Regular price $281.45
Coming from supplier, shipping in 7-21 days

Reference: GRLED3W2RBN

Brand: Lampo Lighting

Lampo Ground 3W LED 12V Double Lateral Emission Light Recessed Downlight Aluminium Carriegeable Walkable For Outdoor

Recessed LED Ground light with lateral two-beam emission for outdoor IP67. Drive-over in corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum. Available from 3W powered at 12Volt DC low voltage with a luminous flux of 230-250 lumens. Formwork included. Available in warm white light 3000K and neutral white light 4000K. Cable length 100cm.

Price $54.71 Regular price $78.16
Shipping in 1/2 days