Solar LED lamps

A smart home to make our home increasingly independent and with great energy savings. All thanks to the sunlight and solar panels placed on our lamps. From LED garden bollard or picket to street lights passing through simple decorative products to embellish your settings and your work spaces. Different operating modes selectable with our Bot Lighting branded products to be discovered. There are now many sunlight devices on the market, and we have selected the best ones for you, both in terms of duration and resistance to atmospheric agents and time so as to make a desire possible for everyone. In particular fashions in lighting, the role of the sun makes it possible to manage the external light of your home in a totally autonomous and completely free way. Intelligent but with particular attention to quality and details that are not easy to find today. The Italian company Diffusione Luce offers a series of products and solar light sources that allow you to control and program all the lighting of your garden and your outdoor spaces of the house with the simple use of sunlight.