Projectors and headlights

We offer a complete range of spotlights and floodlights suitable for outdoor installation in damp and weathered environments. Our range starts from simple 10w led spotlights up to 400w and above models. The new headlights and floodlights mainly use LED light sources as this now consolidated technology has replaced the halogen technology. The halogen technology in addition to having a consumption significantly higher than the LED, also produces a lot of heat, in fact a lot of energy is dispersed in heat. In our range there are also metal halide projectors that always guarantee excellent efficiency and excellent quality and quantity of lumens, but at the expense of poor color temperature stability over time, iodide lamps tend to change color rendering with the spend hours of use. The choice of an outdoor led lighthouse today is the best solution. Diffusione Luce is a reseller of the best brands on the market, including Osram ledvance and Philips, which produce the highest quality and efficiency headlights.