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Power Supply QLT DPL304E 11W 14V 700 mA for LED Modules
  • Power Supply QLT DPL304E 11W 14V 700 mA for LED Modules
  • Power Supply QLT DPL304E 11W 14V 700 mA for LED Modules
  • Power Supply QLT DPL304E 11W 14V 700 mA for LED Modules

QLT Power Supply DPL304E 11W 14V 700 mA for LED Modules



Electronic power supply 11W in direct current at 700mA output 14V. IP20 independent power supply, for indoor use. Rated voltage 190-265V / AC. Dimensions: 117x58x28 mm.

Indipendent driver - IP20 - Insulation class II
Output in steady current 700 mA
Self-resetting protection against overtemperatures, open circuit and output short circuits
Input voltage: 190-165V/AC - Steady output

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Product Information:

The drivers working in constant current must be used only with High Brightness LEDs that have the same current indicated on the driver itself. The max. number of LEDs that can be connected to the driver depends only on the kind of LEDs used. The red, green and yellow LEDs must be connected in the max. number indicated on the driver, as concern the white and blue LEDs connect always a piece less than indicated on the driver. Connect always the LEDs in series mode. Always pay attention to the polarity of the secondary cable. Put the system far from heat sources and in well aereted places. Thermical protection: if the temperature usually exceeds the limit values, the driver switches off and after a few seconds it switches on again. Avoid short circuit on the secondary side and give tension only after all LEDs have been connected. Lock the terminals carefully but do not tight by hand the terminal screw with excessive power or use electric screw-drivers with adjustable torque level. LEDs connection: always use a 0,5 ... 1,5 mm cable for a maximum length of 10 m Input wiring: use a H03VVH2F 2x0,75 input cable

Product Details

Data sheet

Input voltage
Depth in mm
Width in mm
Length in mm
Degree of protection
Light source
Constant current output
700 mA
Power output in watts
10 w
Maximum output voltage
14 V
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questions Paul on 2017-04-06 13:47:18
Question: we have just taken delivery of one of these controllers can you email me back a picture of how to wire the product up as it is not consistent to what is on the front. Regards Paul
Answer: You can see this picture: https://www.diffusioneshop.com/img/cms/dpl-304.jpg/

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