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Vivida International, in line with the needs of modern homes, offers systems to illuminate indoor and outdoor spaces. In addition to a refined design, it is the functionality of the articles that Vivida International offers to make each solution complete and versatile. Moreove, thanks to many years of experience in the lighting sectory, the company pays great attention to the technological aspect, thus offering high quality and innovative products. Solution that are well suited to the spaces of the house, to a work environment or outside. The company follows three fundamental principles. The first is Innovation, that is the production of lamps capable of decorating without disturbing, adaptable  to various contexts and to the multiple needs of contemporary living. The second principle is Quality, and the third is Design, that is the minimal style and essential shapes that make Vivida International lamps real furnishing accessories that are well suited to any space. The company also presents a wide choice of integrated LED decorative lighting system.

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