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Founded in 1946 by Bruno Gatta, Stilnovo was one of the first Italian companies of the second post-war period to combine the nascent industrial design and the most famous names in international architecture, marking the history of lighting thanks to intuition, irony and magnificent collaborations. 

Many of the most famous Stilnovo lamps are true icons of Italian design, designed by masters of the 20th century and exhibited in museums, permanent collections and prestigious exhibitions all over the world. Today Stilnovo presents a wide range of unique products, capable of combining history, technology, functionality and aesthetics, and giving elegance to all types of environments.

Linea Light Group acquired Stilnovo in 2019, to relaunch the brand in the contemporary world and continue a story that began over 70 years ago. With the pragmatic and innovative approach that characterizes both Stilnovo and Linea Light Group, the project envisages the re-edition of the magnificent icons of the past and the involvement of new designers for the development of future "lighting fixtures".


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Brand: Stilnovo

Lama_tab is a fine ribbon of light housed in a minimalist casing, the result of a successful encounter of high technology and the essential lines of a contemporary design. The opaline polycarbonate diffuser houses a topLED CRI 90 and blends in with a press-folded aluminium plate available in black or white color.

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