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Change is life, vision, strategy and crosses the worlds in which Pallucco invests its design energies. The brand has always experimented with new solutions by looking for particular shapes and objects with strong aesthetic contents between art, architecture and design. Founded by Paolo Pallucco between the end of the Seventies and the beginning of the Eighties, Pallucco is a brand that has left its mark in the history of Italian design thanks to products such as the Papiro lamp, a project by Sergio Calatroni from 1989, or the Gilda lamp, designed by Enrico Franzolini in 1997. Through the years, thanks to the collaboration with various designers, the artistic direction of Hannes Wettstein and constant evolution, the company has explored the various currents, from the origins of Minimalism in the Nineties, to the decorative instances of the new Millennium. The 2000s are marked by decoration. The artistic direction of Jurgen Bay shifts the axis of Pallucco's attention to new forms and new formal languages. At the same time, the group of designers who produce and experiment new solutions expands, exploring the frontiers of contemporary design with the expressive freedom that is the most authentic signature of Palluco. With the acquisition by Lino Lando, the brand is heading towards a new phase. The current production is a fusion of contemporary, historical and timeless objects. Pallucco has a history with roots in a prestigious past that is projecting into the future.

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