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The "Illuminati" company was founded in 2007 in Pisa (Italy) and represents one of the most recognized brands dedicated to lighting fixtures in the world. Illuminati company is made up of high-class professionals and always collaborates with the most famous international designers. Currently, in creating the luminaires, society is guided by the idea of supporting people in their daily needs, satisfying their whims and promoting their well-being. The goal is simple and at the same time extremely complicated: to make light a means to improve the quality of life.

The Illuminati company is one of the leaders in the indoor lighting industry. Today it represents a brand that is establishing itself on the European market and beyond. They are Italian and foreign designers, in a fusion of styles and points of view that translate into an international vision. Skilled in interpreting the fashions and requests that come from various countries and in transforming them into objects to illuminate, which always aim to have a touch of originality in them. This is why Illuminati production often tends to enhance "reinvented" forms, which are inspired by the past but are capable of combining avant-garde technical solutions with aesthetic novelty.

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