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Il Pezzo Mancante

In 2010 the Italian Tuscan company Il Pezzo Mancante was born, founded by Cosimo Terzani and Barbara Bertocci. This brand is truly visionary: an atelier that designs unique handcrafted pieces with elegance and passion. Noble materials such as brass, wood, marble come together to fully describe the creativity and design of the two founders and therefore of the company itself, through each individual product.

Artwork that feels familiar. Il Pezzo Mancante is the combination of craftsmanship, passion, beauty and refinement, all elements that characterize the choice of materials, the atelier, the furnishings and the founders themselves. The knowledge of lighting and furniture are combined with a pinch of Made in Italy madness and extravagance: the transformation of raw materials takes place directly in the Atelier to have every process and production under control. The company team is a strong team, united by Barbara and Cosimo by the same principles and by the same desire for innovation and madness that they carry in the creation of each object. The workings of Il Pezzo Mancante require practice and study, as for example in wood: special techniques in order not to damage every single aspect of this material and to bring out its nuances, knots, colors that are always different from one piece to another.

Always looking for something missing, Il Pezzo Mancante expands towards new horizons by putting its brand in each product: in each of them, a small brass cylinder is hidden containing the serial number, to underline the refinement and the unique piece in itself belonging to each individual customer. Authenticity made ad personam.

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Il Pezzo Mancante

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Il Pezzo Mancante, Il Pezzo 12 composition E. Suspension lamp with 100-240V Led light source. Made of crystal and brass, it is available in different finishes.

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