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Exenia was born in 2010, but its roots are going back to the second half of the 40’s.

Exenia was born in 2010, but its roots are going back to the second half of the 40’s.
Company CERVA, that was producing electrical resistance heaters and warming pans, in the 60’s convert its production in lighting fixtures, coming in a small time to have a catalogue wide and diversified, producing thousands of items per month.

In the 70’s the growth is fast and the company starts to adopt new plastic materials and 12V sources. In the 90’s the company enters in Targetti Group, changing the name in ESEDRA, a new brand that leads Cerva towards an industrial production more complex and evolved.

Today is EXENIA Brand who inherits from the past not only the management, but also the long experience of handcrafting mixed with industrial technology, who has characterized the research and the quality of production in every chapter of its life. Exenia produces lighting fixtures suitable for every kind of installation, from residential to shops, showrooms and galleries.

The care for technological progress, in each of its evolutional aspect, included the one related to materials and finishing, create the chance to constantly renew and improve Exenia’s proposals for lighting. Inside its factory, Exenia has an advanced painting plant that allows to produce finishing in full many colours and also an innovative method of fixing and blocking the natural rust without any polluting chemical treatment.

Exenia has moreover an agile organization structure that permits to manage effectively the uniqueness of each project, the close collaboration between all the departments and all the  components of the company opens the door to the individuation of aimed responses and customized products with exclusive design, finalized by the internal prototyping and tests department

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EXENIA Ladrillo Ceiling or Wall Lamp LED 9W IP44 White Satin Glass


Ceiling lamp with 9W COB LED source in warm white color. The main source is installed inside a holder obtained by aluminium plate moulding and screened by an opaque, di using opal glass. Constant DC power supply through an integrated driver on board of the unit. Liquid coating. IP44.

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