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Dyson Ltd is an English company that designs and manufactures electrical appliances, in particular it produces vacuum cleaners, fans, fan heaters, purifiers, hair dryers, electric hand dryers and LED lamps.

The history of the English company, officially born in the early 90s, began in 1981, when James Dyson was unsatisfied with the purchase of a classic vacuum cleaner of the time. The man began to think about the most useful technology to solve this problem and was surprised by the system that was used in large industrial sawmills to remove dirt and debris: these made use of large cyclone filters, powerful and useful to keep the air clean. Dyson began studying solutions to replace the disposable bag of regular vacuum cleaners. The first vacuum cleaners produced with Dyson patents were not very successful, but they allowed the man to create his company in 1991. Since then the company has been in constant evolution. In 2009, the first hand drying system arrived, the Airblade, electric hand dryers capable of solving paper waste in bathroom and equipped with a digital motor that uses digital pulse technology to run faster than traditional motors. Plus, unlike all other hand dryers, Airblade have HEPA filters installed, which capture up to 99,95% of bacteria. The Dyson brand is constant growing and progressing on all fronts, as James Dyson himself says "Having an idea to do something better and make it happen, even if it seems impossible, is still my dream".

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Dyson Airblade db Hands Dryers Quick Hygienic Wall-Mounted Towel


Dyson Hands Dryers Airblade dB, the quickest and most hygienic way to dry your hands. Every second, it conveys up to 35 liters of air filtered through the HEPA filter through cracks with a maximum diameter of 0.8 mm. This generates air blades at 690 km / h which literally remove water from the hands, drying them quickly and hygienically.

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