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Dalcnet is an Italian company specialized in LED lighting

Dalcnet is an Italian company specialized in LED lighting. A young, dynamic and fast-growing team with 10 years' experience in research, development and design of innovative solutions for LED lighting control.

Since 2011 we have been designing, developing and producing LED dimmers, LED drivers, LED controllers, gateways and converters in cooperation with leading international manufacturers. Thanks to our experience, we realise LED lighting solutions for light design, lighting engineering, home and building automation.

Thanks to our technical expertise and our Italian and international distribution network, we offer a pre- and post-sales assistance and consultancy service to best fulfil the role of partner in large and complex projects.

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Reference: DLB12481CVDALI


LED Dimmer Dali single-channel allows a LED intensity adjustment of the light by means of a bus command (DALI) or of a push-button (normally open command) in the event of absence of a bus command. The supply voltage is 12 to 48V DC. Voltage output (CV). For LED strip and spots.

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