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Since 1976 he has designed and produced several lamps, changing the way of seeing light from a simple effect to a real visual art.

His creations have become true icons of reference in the lighting sector.

AVG Lighting sas, thanks to its thirty years of experience in the lighting sector, boasts the utmost professionalism in offering the best products on the market, the most convenient prices and the most accurate and competent after-sales assistance.

The result of an increasingly innovative lighting concept, the AVG range is made up of LED products designed for efficiency, reliability and adaptability to the widest uses.

In fact, LED technology, increasingly used in this sector, offers considerable advantages compared to traditional solutions, guaranteeing considerable energy savings, as well as superior performance and significantly reduced maintenance costs.

All products in our line offer the best requirements for versatile and successful applications in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Those who choose the AVG Lighting range therefore purchase a product with an exclusive design and long life, conceived with a view to sustainability and respect for the environment. As it does not contain mercury, lead and other heavy materials, the environmental impact is significantly lower than traditional lamps.

AVG Lighting represents the lighting of the present and the future: continuous research, passion and experience are at the origin of cutting-edge choices and guarantee of a deep commitment to complete customer satisfaction.

AVG Lighting is the ideal partner for those who know how to distinguish quality and innovation, able to offer the best solutions in the entertainment sector, in the architectural sector and for the lighting of your environments.

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