Lighintg Product catalogue of brand : Ai Lati Lights

The AiLati brand was created in 2005 by Federico de Majo, a Venetian designer who has always worked in the lighting sector, gaining professional experience at his Murano-based family-run company. AiLati has achieved a specific identity in the decorative and technical lighting market.

The inspiration for this brand of Italian design, which combines the art of glassmaking with technology, comes from basic geometric shapes. Despite being the outcome of hi-tech know-how, the products designed by Federico de Majo are based on traditional skills inspired by the fine workmanship of the craftsmen of the past. AiLati creates products with a highly functional and aesthetic content.

There are two main sectors in AiLati’s production: the latest solutions are lamps in painted die-cast aluminium with a LED light source, instead, a wide range of products based on the use of satin opal glass still remains a feature of the AiLati catalogue. A precise choice, with distinct character: the use of peculiar high-quality materials, ideal for use with the most updated LEDs, and highlight their features.

AiLati offers lamps that easily fit into a variety of environments: from private areas to those dedicated to hospitality such as hotels, from retailers to offices. As such, the contract thus becomes a natural vocation for this brand

The collections designed by Federico de Majo provide harmonious combinations of geometric shapes that express a beauty that goes beyond the fleeting nature of fashionable products. While expressing contemporary style AiLati products stand out for their timeless appeal, without being tied to current trends.