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Tommaso Cimini founded Lumina Italia in 1975, after having designed the simplest of table lamps from a simple transformer, for the 1974 Milan Fair: Daphine. Cimini's idea is to create and build lamps that "dress the essentials", and he thus begins to collaborate with designers of the caliber of Walter Monici, Riccardo Blumer, Yaacov Kaufman or Emanuele Ricci. The Lumina catalog is enriched year after year, thanks to their creativity and manual skills. Looking almost with surprise at the company's development, Tommaso Cimini decides to be joined in 1985 by Ermanno Prosperi, who will hold the role of head of the entire logistics and financial area for a long time. In 1987 the new Lumina headquarters was established in Arluno (Italy). In 1997 Tommaso Cimini died crashing with his aircraft, leaving the company in the capable hands of his business partner and then of his son Ettore.

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