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He was born in Como in 1912. A prominent figure in Como's rationalism, friend and collaborator of Giuseppe Terragni and Pietro Lingeri, he graduated in architecture at the Milan Polytechnic in 1935 to then undertake the free profession. It stands out not only for plastic experimentation but also for in-depth theoretical research that it applies with great constructive and functional consistency. The theoretical value that distinguishes his poetics is expressed by the innovative concept of "polydimensionality". He maintains constant contact with the main exponents of the Lombard rationalist movement, as well as with the group of Como abstractionists, with particular attention to the artistic avant-gardes. During his intense professional activity, which took place over just eight years and in a difficult political and economic period, he created the Giuseppe Garbagnati nursery school in Asnago (1935-1937), with Luigi Origoni, the Camerlata fountain (1935-1936 ), with Mario Radice, the house in Cernobbio (1938-1939) and the headquarters of the Unione Lavoratori dell'Industria in Como, with Pietro Lingeri and Luigi Origoni (1938-1942). Numerous documents and projects are being drawn up when death overtakes him prematurely at the age of thirty-one, in the summer of 1943.

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Cattaneo Lampadari

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Cattaneo Drop is a suspension lamp in turned aluminum with the classic shape of a drop equipped with a LED from 8W 900 lumens to 3000K, fully equipped with a reel for the recovery of the excess cable (up to 2 meters) and with connection via jack for a quick and safe connection to its base with power supply.

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