LED bulbs , incandescent bulbs , vintage filament bulbs , fluorescent light bulbs to fluorescent , discharge metal halide , halogen bulbs and bulb holder . Available for all standard E27 lamp holder , E14 , GU10 , G9 , GU5.3 , R7S , AR111 . The screwE27 is the most common bulb holder (screw connection 230 V, 110V) followed by the E14 lamp holder (small step to 230V screw). Spotlights typically mounted recessed lamps with diameter 50 mm GU5.3 12V (transformer is necessary ) or GU10 230 Volt. The LED bulbs are available in almost all of the holder and have a wide choice of color temperature and power. Among the leading builders we Osram, Philips and Sylvania.