Alexa Google Home Device

A smart and always connected home, to make the daily routine simpler, thanks to the interfaces up to the dimmers for adjusting the light intensity, and then switch to the LEDs bulbs with E27 screw connection or GU10 plug in various shades of color, warm light, cold light, RGB color changing light, up to the electrical outlets. In particular in lighting, the role of home automation makes it possible to manage the light inside your home in a completely customizable, intelligent way with attention to consumption and energy saving. The Italian company Diffusione Luce srl offers a series of light sources and compatible devices that communicate effectively with each other via the APP and the most famous smart home systems currently on the market such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home and the Smart Home HUBs that allow you to control and program all the home lighting, as well as many other features, with a simple voice command.